On a mission to end Hunger

Hunger Stops is a ministry organization dedicated to feeding Children, Veterans, the Elderly, and the Poor, so the local community doesn’t go to bed hungry.

Caring for the Community

We provide food and non-food essentials to those in need. Through our programs, we feed and educate with the help of donors and partners nationwide.

Looking Out for Seniors

Nearly 12% of program recipients are elderly citizens who are no longer able to work. With your help we can make sure our seniors don’t have to chose between food, medical care, or housing.

Since 2010, we have delivered over 2.1 million meals to families in need.


A Little Background

“Our Hands Your Heart” is a ministry of Hunger Stops (previously Dare 2 Care ~ Dare 2 Share), developed to insure that American citizens will not go to bed on an empty stomach. We are committed to the development of Community Care Units that focus on assisting families in need of food and specific personal care items to improve their lives.

What We’ve Done

We have delivered over 2.1 million meals to families in need since 2010, utilizing the Community Care Unit Distribution Model. We appreciate the support of the entire community and offer a hearty thank you to our Volunteers, Sponsors, Donors, Food Providers and any and every one that we have touched or have been touched by our organization



In August 2010, in response to the growing demand for Hunger Relief Efforts we started establishing church base Community Care Units in 10 specific communities of need. In the first four months, Hunger Stops distributed more than 150,000 pounds of food and non-food essentials to over 275 families through these communities.

Partner with us today and help end hunger in America.

Learn More

If you would like more information about our programs and how you can partner with us, fill out the form or email hungerstops@yahoo.com

Change a Life

We rely on the support of partners and donors to help us keep the community fed. Click on the link below to stop hunger here.